Whether you are wanting to become an accredited EFT coach/practioner or already a licensed mental health professional, our premium trainings will support you to effectively and safely change lives.

EFT is a ground breaking technique combining psychotherapy and acupressure, bringing together elements of exposure, cognitive therapy and physical stimulation of acupressure points. EFT is a powerful self-applied, stress reduction method with 100s of clinical trials demonstrating its effectiveness. The Become Project and Evidence Based EFT have partnered together to deliver a world-class EFT accreditation grounded in the latest neuroscience and tapping research. You will be supported every step of the way to deepen your understanding of EFT and refine your skills. Start your accreditation today!

Training dates

The Process


3 day practitioner training

Learn the foundational techniques of Evidence Based EFT and how to apply it to a broad range of issues. Suitable for all people!


2 day trauma training

Discover the latest research on trauma and learn specific EFT tools for safely working with traumatised clients.


Mentoring and skills practice

Select a mentor and begin practicing with clients. Receive expert feedback and guidance.

What Are Others Saying?

Mitch is a skilled trainer and practitioner who is passionate about making a real difference. His relaxed blend of humour, intuitive curiosity, and experience creates an easy but powerful learning environment. I highly recommend you book in for one of his trainings!

- Dr Peta Stapleton

Mitch’s personal style and method of delivery, which I can best describe as warm, compassionate, and genuine, in addition to his knowledge on the subject, facilitated a safe and immensely helpful learning space. Though both trainings I participated in were online and we were separated by a screen, Mitch’s ability to warmly and attentively engage with the other trainees, myself included, was noticed and appreciated.

- Sheri Severson

For as long as I have known Mitch, he has always been someone who was interested in the complete universal empowerment of the mind, body and soul. His keen intuition for the human psyche has always impressed me and that is exactly why I entrusted to do an EFT tapping session with me. The results were almost immediate. I now possess a greater sense of direction, emotional stability and awareness of the issues in my life that I werenโ€™t even cognizant of. Mitch is a professional in all that he does and I cannot recommend him strongly enough.

- Jherrell Peters, lawyer

Become an Evidence Based EFT Practitioner

Begin your journey to Become-ing an accredited EBEFT Practitioner. Trainings are highly practical, trauma informed, and focus on the latest neuroscience.