Hi, I'm Mitch

A counsellor, coach, and Evidence Based EFT trainer I have over a decade of practical eperience supporting people to heal from trauma, connecting people to their own wisdom, and transforming the lives of others in their communities.

I have worked closely with young people eperiencing homelessness, refugee/torture survivors, CEO's of global companies, and people just like you who want to make a difference in the world.

I am intensely curious about the intersection of modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom grounded in evidence based practices.

Most of my career has been driven by the question of "What works?"

Everything I've learned has been tested in the waiting room of a youth crisis center, the boardroom of a CEO, and in my own life healing from CPTSD and OCD.

I firmly believe that our traumas don't have to disqualify us from being of service to the world, or from creating our hearts desires.

Through presence, compassion, and a good dose of irreverent humour I'm here to serve and support you.


To train, connect, and empower a community of change-makers to connect with their inner wisdom so that they can create massive change on an individual and collective level.


Reclaiming our wholeness


Turning pain into power


Being part of a global mission


Connecting with others. Doing it together.


What is the Become Project?

The Become Project was born out of a heart desire to create a community of people committed to healing, transformation, and service to the world.

Become is a play on the three components of succesful healing and transformation:

BEing: the ground of Being, our fundamental nature which is peace, love, and wholeness. What we share with every living creature.

COmmunity: We are not meant to do this journey alone. We heal with others and we need others to help us fulfill our purpose and remind us of our essential nature.

ME: I come with particular and perculiar gifts. Through emboding my unique epression of Being and serving the community, I find my-Self and fullfil my purpose.

Through using evidence based practices such as EFT to heal from trauma and regulate the nervous system, we create deeper connection to our intuitive wisdom and can create our hearts desire in the world.

The Become Project is here to serve the global community of healers, therapists, dreamers and change makers through trainings, community, and mentoring.


Interested in EFT Training? Shoot me a message!